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Such creative food packaging you have few minutes - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Such creative food packaging you play a few minutes of continuous high temperature warning, remind us this is a memorable summer, the sun like a soldering iron hurt her people every inch of bare skin. Everything seems to be unreal Popsicle appearance, as if only then may feel cool. South Korea famous beauty makeup brand recently yidi House of Etude House launched a creative food packaging, packaging of such a Popsicle Dear Darling lip gloss series. These lip gloss together, like a colorful fruit Popsicle. Dear Darling, lip gloss series packaging Dear Darling series of lip gloss bottle is all sorts of fruit and shark design, watermelon, orange and peach and so on, the middle hollow out, can clearly see the inside of transparent frosted bottle red liquid and the words on the bottle 亲爱的亲爱的色彩。 This coat stripped outer packing box, flat before lip gloss bottle inside, seems more like a layer of ice crystals around the frozen sucker. Dear Darling, the color of the lip gloss bottle cap series is designed based on different flavor, one of the most interesting is the top also with a section flat rods, the rods of the section, asing if is a delicate to the lip gloss bottle in this summer look very cool and refreshing. We can often hear is that usually the gift box with emotion, packing box on the vision also have temperature, actually this Dear Darling lip gloss on packaging vision can make you feel refreshing in sorching summer, without the original oily and hot lip gloss. Packaging as a large enterprise has 20 years experience in packaging, if you have any requirements or good ideas, welcome and we all share: oh, sure we won't let you down.
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