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Such a small bag - fresh edible insects packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
So small and pure and fresh the packing bag of edible insects a lot of people, such as snack street can be seen in the night market Fried or barbecue insects, this show is also edible insects market is growing rapidly, some brands have nosing, edible insects as auxiliary materials made from snacks to more consumers popularizing this kind of food. As is known to all, good packaging can deliver effective information rapidly to the consumer, attract consumers to buy. The following packing will bring you to look at the packing bag of a kind of edible insects. Recently, the packing of the cricket Chirps of chips, Canada creative agency Arbiter Creatvie for from Harvard University innovation laboratory incubation Six Foods design the packaging of the cricket Chirps of chips. Although the cricket as one of raw materials, but the whole bag is very small and pure and fresh. Brown as the impression of packaging bags, concise and easy, look at the bottom right of that as the narrator of the small cricket and huge dialog is in stark contrast, to emphasize small figure has three times higher than ordinary chips protein content. Bags have a small fan part is made of transparent PVC material, consumers can easily see the bag of food color and texture. The packing of the cricket Chirps of chips at present this kind of chips on sale in the website, only price isn't cheap, 12. 99 dollars. Packaging, as a professional packaging customization enterprise for packaging very bullish on the prospect of edible insects, while some businesses is used to produce potato chips, it may not long after, some edible insects become valuable health care products, packaging has many years of experience in production of various food packaging production, then please feel free to contact us!
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