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Such a Popsicle packing you like it. . . packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Such a Popsicle packing you like? How long have you been eaten a Popsicle? Convenience stores are almost all ice cream in the world now, haagen-dazs, nestle, eight xi, etc. , sometimes look at them, but will still think of grandma's childhood home grocery store Popsicle. There are changes in cities, also in a grocery store. Occasionally see childhood favorite Popsicle in street grocery store, but did not have the desire to buy because of packaging carried out. Juices ice lolly contrast old and new packaging is in in New Zealand, similar problems are also plagued by many consumers, hoping to expand customer base for this fruit smoothie brand Juices, commissioned Design company Dow Design to Design a set of the packing of the contracted wind. Dow the Design is New Zealand's leading brand Design agency, more than 20 years has been one of New Zealand's favourite brand Design. Juices ice stick new packing new Juices ice stick, plain text and transparent bags match highlights the concept of 'natural' and 'add', text is easy and fun: 100% fruit, yummm, fresh pressed the & # 8230; 。 。 Let consumer be clear at a glance. Juices ice stick new packaging carton also USES the same design style - — And compared with cartoon illustration generation before packaging, more 'for young and old. Each kind of packing is a kind of expression, with the continuous development of society, the packing of the contracted more and win the love of consumers, contracted design style is cut to the 'low' art form. Packaging as a professional packaging customization enterprise, we advocate contracted design concept, and advocate the beauty of seiko, singleness of originality will help you to build the perfect packaging artwork.
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