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Stick Emoji face mask can maintain skin can express the mood - again packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
Stick Emoji face mask can not only maintain skin but also express the mood, small scale is popular in Japan in the late 1990 s, Emoji in apple will join the ios 5 operating system after it started in 2011 became a universal expression package, also led to a worldwide Emoji marketing. It was not long ago Innisfree in order to celebrate the star product containment mineral powder put 11 anniversary, and produced 11 Emoji cooperation with different expressions of edition of set limit to powder, replaced the original light green packaging are all of one suit with yellow face Emoji. Innisfree Emoji face powder compact Taiwan beauty makeup brand Petite Amie was launched six Emoji face mask, facial expression including laughter, shy, angry, frightened, peach heart and sunglasses face. Emoji face each of the different types of mask is opportunistic and combining the Emoji expression meaning. Angry face film after claims to relieve dry skin, for used red skin, it looks high cold sunglasses face also specially add cucumber ingredients to support this face film cooling effect, with face mouth Shouting scared face film is used to tighten the skin. To some extent, Emoji expression also is one of the world recognized fashion symbol, otherwise why the fashion industry, food industry, and even to protect skin to taste the businessman wants to have a Emjoi expression! So packaging as a professional handbag manufacturer, has Emjoi expression series design work and it takes on the agenda.
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