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So full of exotic elements is mysterious and interesting - beer packing packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
So full of exotic elements of beer packaging is mysterious and interesting howl coast, 咆哮的海岸) Is a craft beer brands from Poland. He invited who now lives in New York recently visual designers Yuga Huang to design a new packaging, beer Yuga Huang has designed a very packaging with local characteristics. It is well known that Poland is a country with a long coastline, there is a 'museum' cryptography international (local 国际神秘动物学博物馆) , this is the only hide the science museum in the world, show hidden or unknown animal cultural knowledge. For example, a snowman, mermaid and sea monster. Howl coast the designs in the beer Yuga Huang is in a particular element for inspiration, off the coast of howling beer packing drawing doesn't look terrible savages and sea monsters, and put them and the iconic mountain forest, the coastline together. As a conclusion, he also specially designed 'by the monster and human common brewing' banner printing on tank. In an interview, he also made it clear to package these illustrations capture these ancient mysterious atmosphere and crafts of the story. Howl shores howl of beer packaging of beer on the outer packing of the element such as the mountain forest, the sea monster lets a person easily associated with European tales those ancient clever odd choice, ripples on the vision is also easy to let a person feel cool and refreshing cool refreshing. As a professional gift box packaging gift bags enterprises, our products are all kinds of wine bag, wine box, if you want to stay with my family in the suburbs enjoy a good time in summer, our wine bag is a good choice.
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