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Small and pure and fresh evian water packing not yet on the market - in China packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-16
Small and pure and fresh evian water is not listed in the FBIF2017 domestic food and beverage packaging innovation BBS, evian invited to its Fruits & amp; The Plants of packaging designers ( BETC Design general manager & amp; Founder) Christophe Pradere to the scene to share his creative ideas. Evian Fruits & amp; The Plants evian Fruits & amp; The Plants successfully packaging will be tender and bright colors and the integration of fruit juice, passed like snow melting in the spring of youth and surprise. Bottle water drops of perfect ergonomic design, the bottle with 100% recycled materials. Its small and pure and fresh colour and lustre is advocated by the young not only refers to the age, is a state of mind, to live out young connotation includes the body senses and spiritual pursuit, with vigor, healthy attitude to enjoy every day. 享受生活,享受一切! Once the product is launched, got the favour of consumer, there are fans in evian messages on Facebook page: 'the drink packing is too great, and easy to carry'. 'The taste is very good, bought some in Britain, what hope in the United States will also be able to buy! '' I like this kind of packing! 'It is a pity that the great acclaim currently only the packing of the products on sale in France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, China has not listed. Or so small and pure and fresh gift will also is the Spring Festival banquet on a scenery line.
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