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Simple packaging, green design - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
Simple packaging, green design era in the call. An environmental situation in today's society is everyone to see. Industrial science and technology rapid development of modern society, energy and environment are become the two biggest problems of common human face, the extent of the people for their own survival problem is more and more attention, is unprecedented. In this context, the world's region concerned about the environment, prevent pollution, respecting nature, advocate natural rising, the ecological consciousness reflected in the design field, is the pursuit of human and the nature coordinated development of green design. Packaging and design field larger industry, therefore, must first into green design, packaging design to advocate green contracted packaging, green packaging customization, virtually impact motivates people. Environmental protection small and pure and fresh environment under the influence of silk scarf box, affects the change of design, pouring out the concept of green design, before two days to eat the moon cake box, for example, some with copper inner packing box, outer-package of cardboard, mostly with hot stamping such as complicated process, only a waste of resources, beautiful and not practical, most of the product itself does not appear, do not meet the basic requirements of product packaging. Once men series box called for design agencies and designers to consider more packaging, the side effects of weigh carefully selecting materials, with the most simple materials, the most beautiful and the design of the product packaging is presented to consumers, the real value of the product.
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