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Sicong cross-border selling drinks packaging too young girl heart - pink packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Sicong cross-border selling drinks pink packaging too young girl heart recently sina weibo users may have found the topic I can't endure # # king the principal; Jingdong supermarkets have posters impressively write 'the distance you and madam wang only a jar of love, a young man exclusive popular logo energy drinks. 'A name' aurora EROS maca energy drinks 'energy drinks starting at the end of may in jingdong supermarket launch, and is one of the shareholders of aurora just sicong. The product in describing the young social scene has highlighted the need to refresh and complementary energy of several classic daily occasions - — Sports fitness, work overtime, night club party and esports. Aurora beverage EROS slogan obviously, the goal of this 'popular logo energy drinks market is 18 30 years old of young people. In addition to sources close to, this new product by trying to 'deserved it interesting ( 生活乐趣) 'Slogan, to move like flaunt' do an interesting person, interesting life, 'the young consumer groups, at the same time the packing is given priority to with pink and tonal, full of young girl heart, also happens to be a T stage this year's most popular crystal powder. SAO powder with a silver and black S very cool, slender tanks with frosted surface feel is also very comfortable, the lift ring on the pink also plays a role of the dot eyeball. Love los EROS drinks on jingdong supermarket, 250 ml * 6 cans of combination of sells for $48. Now there are more than 200 comments. As you can see, most consumers are at 'the king' the principal stunt, pay for web celebrity fame and curiosity, as to taste evaluation have, someone says is 'upgrade' clutches, someone says 'tastes like cranberry juice,' some say 'is the red bull and the flavor of the Sprite'. Shanghai friends in addition to the supermarket to buy jingdong, at present the family also has shelves, 9 yuan/cans, interested friends may wish to try! But jingdong supermarket limited gift box, lucky words can be drawn. Packing as a professional to do the bag factory, we also undertake all kinds of gift box LiDai production, although our gift boxes no king in the principal's own web celebrity fitness, but we have been adhering to the originality in making, for building the perfect packaging artwork.
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