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Shallow discuss the difference between the mucilage printing and water slurry printing - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Extraction mucilage printing with water slurry printing front we talked about the difference between mucilage printing printing characteristics, its coverage is very good, flexible membrane layer, elastic and glossy, and very stable, 'have a class, so quickly gained popularity. Both ordinary cloth bag and clothes, you can see. And water slurry, is a kind of aqueous slurry, printed on the fabric feel is not strong, covering power is poor, it is to belong to a relatively low printing type. Below small make up to you to introduce the difference between mucilage printing and water slurry printing. Water slurry printing design on the structure of the difference between the water slurry seal absorption penetration to the interior of the fabrics, mucilage printing is only a rubber adhesion on the surface of the fabric, not to infiltrate fabric. Design effect fabric better positive water slurry seal pattern definition, mucilage printing pattern of clarity. On the back of the design, the water slurry seal for penetration into the fabric, design more clear, and offset printing can hardly see pattern. Suitable range water slurry seal because almost does not affect the original fabric, so are suitable for the printing design of large area, and mucilage printing because the cost is higher, more suitable for a small area of the design to serve as an ornament. Stability of mucilage printing design printing water slurry seal design is easy to rub off after water, mucilage printing pattern after washing is not easy. But the mucilage with rubber, rubber if they are not easy to fall off. Select fabric color water slurry seal for more light color fabric printed on dark pattern, mucilage is printed on a dark fabrics for more light color design. Printing texture mucilage printing with rubber, printing feel is good, has the gloss and stereo feeling, looked more high-grade, and feel is not strong water slurry seal, covering force is not strong, simple sense is bad. The last is the cost of the printing, general mucilage printing more expensive than the water slurry printing costs. Mucilage printing in our life, actually very easy to find, such as the summer we hand a printed t-shirts, the girl on the back of the canvas bag, many design is mucilage printing. And water slurry seal at the factory just easier to see, because it is more suitable for fabric printing.
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