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Several common problems in the casting process of box - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-24
Packing box in the casting process of several common problems in life are common box, but many people for some of the work details and framed box technique know few and far between. Now small make up simple and discussion the packing box in the actual production process, the box in the face of mounting process on the common quality problems generally have the following kinds: 1. Product appearance of newborn. Appear this kind of circumstance of the main reason is that the number of too many, and the result of the board edge glue has dried and can't stick. So usually should be pasted 20 squeezing more appropriate. The framed box 2. Products of humidity is too big, especially for the gold card appressed. Is mainly due to the gold card paper on water infiltration and lost ability is very poor, and ordinary flat stick glue the higher water content itself. So usually use quick-drying glue or expand the product under the sun to dry. 3. Framed by tile or appressed products, if under the environment of the air humidity is bigger, placed slightly longer time will appear the phenomenon such as yellow. Mainly because some manufacturers adopted containing alkaline waterglass glue or starch glue. So, in order to ensure the quality of the quality of the products we should choose good appressed and corrugated plastic. Jimmy Choo luxury box 4. Packaging products appear delaminating phenomenon, mainly because of the strength of the adhesive is not enough, suggest choose normal manufacturer of products, such already can guarantee strength, reduce the humidity, increase the stiffness, and can improve the quality and grade of the product packaging.
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