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Selection guidelines - box packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
Selection guide know packaging packaging all know, a little hin home only do high-grade packaging, with a lot of first-line brand. Many guests said I have to compare with small hin hard paper, version to good, it is good to make high-grade feeling. Small hin want to say, this is no problem, can choose different materials according to your request, give you private custom box effect. As a girl, the most intimate small hin. Small hin know girls like beautiful clothes, the person all know packing box generally adopts double copper paper, art paper, paper of tactile & # 8230; Design style is given priority to with the be fond of of women, from appearance can attract the customers. Packaging & # 8212; Tailor-made packaging manufacturer will according to the guest's graphic design targeted to help you to recommend the paper and craft, no matter how to say, the material side is an important process. Paper type: double copper paper, art paper, touch paper, black paper, etc. The thickness of the paper: a lot of guests feel, thick paper points well, such comparisons are hale and hearty, has a type. Of course not: the paper is too thick, when pasting wrinkle easily. Paper is too thin, of course, some post-production process cannot reflect. Such as blocking. HEMISHERE folding clothing difference materials reflect the effect of the box is also different. Paper need the be fond of according to the crowd, the choice of consumer groups, product class to choose product packaging material. Clothing packaging is started with the product, small hin in a minor celebrity, is relatively mature in all sides. Welcome to department of factory carefully.
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