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Selected electrical boxes - custom advantages packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
Choose the advantages of electricity custom box when you are in the electric business platform sales products. You and consumption is the first physical contact your product packaging. To remove a product the influence of their own experience, your packaging needs to play its role, to ensure that your customers to buy again. E-commerce packaging customization design will make your products more personalized, to impress consumers. Instead of using a common corrugated paper carton, it is better to make your products stand out from the crowd! We're not going to put your packing design into a rainbow, but let your packaging looks very recognizable, can let the consumer at a glance recognize your brand. This will help before they open the product packaging for them to build excitement. Electronic commerce custom box can be seen everywhere. As a new electric business is more and more fierce competition, enterprises to stand out one way is to custom packaging. In addition to helping you packaging to stand out, use brand packaging customization can better protect your product. Packaging protection is particularly important to the electronic commerce enterprise, as compared with the traditional retail, electrical products need to express transportation. From store ordering goods, in shipping to customers in the process, to deal with five times on average. Most of the traditional retail transport process is done with forklift and pallet, basic zero damage to package. In e-commerce, your package may be manual processing 20 times or more, because it is in the center of the transport and delivery trucks to move between. Before your products haven't reached the destination will need a lot of manual operation, this involves considerable risks. Custom box can ensure that your products are protected by as much as possible. For e-commerce enterprises, product damage could be a nightmare. Your business may depend on the product reviews, if their products appear problem, most customers may give you a bad review, also will not repurchase again in the future. Only products are better protected, consumers will be more rest assured to buy your products. Although custom box may be more expensive than regular packing box, packaging bags, but consider the cost of the product damaged usually is 17 times the cost of transportation. If you can from the beginning to offset these costs with high quality packing, so it will be able to save your budget. No matter you choose which type of product box, your e-commerce packaging should be based on your audience's needs. As your first point of contact with customers, you need to provide all requirements packaging, brand promotion and protection products.
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