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'Secret love' gift box speak love to help you packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
'Secret love' gift box speak love to help you the annual 520 network valentine's day, Abuse) Tomorrow is coming, do you have any idea to send gifts to the ta? Moscow recently a graphic design students to Svetlana Kovylina is given priority to with 'Secret love' titled Cekpet made the concept of a named Secret dessert box. Secret dessert box is different from the concept of general gift box attached directly inside lining, gifts. This gift box every inside has a pair of sweet illustrations about love. By the outermost keyhole shape of hollow out, gift box people peep to only a small part of the illustration, only by cartons, extract its positive small bump can see illustrations, very flattering. Secret why the concept of dessert box named after Secret, Svetlana Kovylina when it comes to falling in love because if you are not careful, but you can't say it, then the 'Secret' dessert is your declaration of love, to show the mysterious shy love story, I choose the most mysterious magic blue and purple. The concept of Secret dessert box while the concept of this Secret dessert box not used very high-grade material, but because of the sweet, slightly shy implies a dessert box in the minds of many become the preferred. If you have related packaging production of inspiration, also welcome to communicate with our packing well, we are a professional gift box production enterprise, has been adhering to the heart of craftsmen, believe that must be won't let you down.
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