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Say, as hot - wine packaging in packaging industry packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
Say, wine packaging in the packaging industry so the arrival of the sell like hot cakes Mid-Autumn National Day. Small hin activity more recently, a friend party, friends get married really overwhelmed. Small hin said tired, sweat all over the floor. But happily for the small hin, literally recently tasted the wine is more than 20 years. What red wine, white wine and pink wine is gradually fell in love with it. A have a special liking. As the wine in the market share is more and more big, the red wine packaging is also growing rapidly. Currently the UK market wine carton pack has eight of the light wine market. 3%, 48% higher than in 1997. Red wine with burning heart that China not to mention, think small hin is from scratch to a process of development, use two words to describe as 'quickly'. Can say two wine packaging industry will face a thorough reshuffle. In fact, the process of the industry reshuffle is a specification, return to a rational process. Small hin although age is still small but loves reading, learn a few wine packaging, more novel and want to share with everyone. A, ice bucket packaging. Ice bucket is made of plastics processing, advanced technological process for machining and assembly, formed as gift boxes, and can collect decorations, arts and crafts. A state of degradation at any time to enjoy at any time. Drink is really elegant a taste. Is a translucent red wine bags. Translucent PP red wine bags translucent red wine bags, material selection of PVP, this kind of material is the stretchability of polypropylene plastic, translucent color, good toughness, not easy to damage; Hot-pressing process compared to other more firmly. Can be used like DIY design, romantic day drink a few cups, indeed it was foil the atmosphere. People living standard rise consumption idea has the very big change, wine growing use occasion. Red wine red wine is not rare gift boxes. Warm prompt: pay attention to the quality of life and small hin strength wine is good, but don't drink oh.
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