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Red wine packaging technology embodies what aspects - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-24
Red wine packaging process pay attention to emotional appeal, reflect what aspects of the wine is red wine packaging exquisite elegance and beauty. Different packaging feels different. At this stage red wine packaging and printing is exquisite, in today's wine consumption market, consumers tend to be more rational, prefer high brand awareness, packaging and elegant, excellent quality and cost-effective of red wine. Red wine packaging printing production not as complicated as cigarette label, printing enterprise general is given priority to with offset printing and processing after several typical, gravure printing and screen printing as a supplementary way. Mainly bearing, with the quirks of carry in his hand. To consumers feel joy from the heart, the wine packaging reached a certain level. Life's red wine cup of wine packaging and printing is given priority to with offset printing, traditionally use thick paper multi-color offset press, far offset printing process is relatively mature, especially in tune mesh printing, a set of standardized and data-driven methods. However, the wine packaging printing in addition to the mesh adjustable printing, also involves a lot of color reproduction, such as large, gold (red spot The silver) Color, pearl effect, etc. Due to color the color especially the ground to the saturation and brightness of the demand is higher, and offset printing in the printing field, subject to the conditions of ink layer thickness, appear out of puff. 'After the first deep shallow' can be used at this time the two packaging printing, design as far as possible avoid hollow out text field edition, overprint so as not to increase the difficulty. Vintage wine box store's shiny red wine ark, let a person can't. Screen printing of grind arenaceous, refraction, ice, wrinkles and other artistic effect makes the icing on the cake box, greatly stimulate the purchase desire of consumers. In addition, because of adopting the brightness of the screen after local uv glazing products increased, stereo sense is strong, is often used in wine packaging printing color box groom. Flexible printing is rarely used in the wine packaging color box printing, have some beer labels will adopt this way of printing. Believe that the advantages of environmental protection and health will gradually get winery recognition and favor.
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