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Rainbow sugar will become a black color packaging must not only sweet chili - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
Rainbow sugar will become a black color packaging must not only have a sweet chili has long been the rainbow sugar packing in addition to the most common red, and green, purple and blue. Recently wrigley wrigley in Chicago hosted by the American association of candy sweets and snacks expo, announced the rainbow sugar ( 玩乐) And Starburst new flavors will be launched in December, packaging into a black, also increased the sweet spicy series ( 甜热) 。 The new packing rainbow rainbow sugar sugar new series has five kinds of fruit can choose, with spicy watermelon, mango, orange, strawberry, and lemon. Starburst spicy fruit similar to rainbow sugar, more than a pineapple flavor. Diners had beat had tried it is obvious that said 'feel a chili burning sensation on the tongue, and as for why want to launch with spicy fruit, although have no official explanation, but some speculation, and that americans are like spicy, whisky and pancakes taco selling, New York's most popular bread bagels also spicy. Big brand candy favor especially, it also reflects the nostalgic feelings of consumers. According to the survey, parents would prefer to buy has their own childhood memories of the old brand candy to children or eat their own, of course, the best is that eliminated artificial colors, and not too high in sugar. Although the rainbow sugar into black render of the packaging, have diner, it can also be called rainbow sugar, please. Base color is black, the packing, as a professional packaging customization enterprise think no matter when, the packaging is not invariable, since the rainbow sugar tastes have changed, the change is also on the packaging and conveniently.
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