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Rainbow sugar into all white packaging can also called rainbow sugar? - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Rainbow sugar into all white packaging can also called rainbow sugar? In the United States, the LGBTQ community is more and more attention. So many businessmen are conveniently do this pride month June LGBTQ community related marketing to get people's attention. But this June Skittles rainbow sugar, way of doing things has abandoned the original trademark color packaging, and adopt all white packaging. It is reported, this kind of special sugar all white rainbow packaging will continue until the end of September this year. Ordinary rainbow sugar packing rainbow sugar parent Wrigley Wrigley spokesman said that in order to highlight the rainbow color of pride month, rainbow sugar decided to shed the original color, to the rainbow color an independent centre stage. And the income gained by the promise of these limited edition candy will be donated to charity. Although the packing all changed to pure white, rainbow sugar before but still retain the variety of flavors. The rainbow sugar packing were carried out to support the LGBTQ community, but the bad review on social networking sites. All white rainbow sugar many people aren't buying it. Some question, 'the white packaging is not on behalf of the' white '? 'Rainbow' white sugar is obviously represent racism ', criticism. It may also be arrow head did not expect. After all this is not the first time that wrigley rainbow sugar USES white packaging, LGBT Q group in London last year during the parade, rainbow also released a white sugar candy, but when people think # OneRainbow are interesting. Packaging as a professional packaging customization enterprise, is the pure white in the white candy or actually like. Although small make up also supports the LGBTQ community, but the packing is just, it can represent design, represents the aesthetic, can it with politics, there is no relationship with the heavy issues such as racial discrimination, reading too much into it is not advisable.
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