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Preferred gift packaging material - — Kraft paper - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
Preferred gift packaging material - — Kraft paper, just after the Spring Festival is felt the carry all kinds of gift box packing during the Spring Festival visits a guest the feeling? So the coming valentine's day but can't do that, either directly to send packages, or to learn myself gift packaging! ! ! ! Gift box gift box, gift bags are gifts when necessary, but how can we make a nice and lovable gift packaging? So first of all, you need to have a big piece of paper! Kraft paper packaging and then based on the size of the gift cutting out, and will present the complete up, pay attention to the interface position on the side of the packaging or behind! Then you need to prepare a few small accessories, had better be had something to do with the gift, or small leaves, or small wool, or is the blue ribbon, will your kraft paper boxes. This time you have completed more than half, and then will test your painters, draw some patterns on kraft paper, let the whole box becomes more dynamic; If you try so hard, the painters of some simple text is in the winter, the choice of very warm heart! Kraft paper packing box finished these, you can see a complete gift packaging to appear in front of your eyes, is very beautiful, and very interesting? If corporate gifts to employees also can do it this way, but also to give you a shortcut: 400 - 811 - 9772, there will be more professional packaging customization service, will have better effect!
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