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Potato chips bags can not only measure alcohol can help you summon Uber - the driver packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
Potato chips bags can not only measure alcohol can help you summon Uber driver, according to foreign media reports, has the frito-lay Goodby and Silverstein & amp; Cooperation Partners, the company introduced a Tostitos spot ( Dike and more) Special chips bags, the potato bags look ordinary, but can help you call Uber driver after you drink. Tostitos spot 'limited edition' Party Safe 'potato chips bags can summon principle is equipped with a sensor can be connected to a micro controller, can be detected in people breath blowing in alcohol. Once it detects the alcohol, this kind of chips bags will show a 'red steering wheel' and 'don't drink and drive'. Tostitos spot chips packaging 'Party Safe' bags can also through the NFC ( The near field communication) Communicate and allow drunken people through the bag and click on their mobile phones to call Uber driver. Isn't it amazing! 吗? It is reported that every year the casualties caused by drunken driving is countless, if this high-tech chips bags can be popularized, presumably caused by drunken driving casualty rate all over the world will be greatly reduced. In today's world, the development of science and technology, science and technology is convenient for our life, every enterprise, if we can seize the opportunity and technology of contact, can certainly faster in similar enterprises, for our bag factory, even more so.
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