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Popular gift box design several aspects which should be grasped - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Popular gift box design several aspects which should be grasped now on the market of gift box material is multifarious, wide variety, a wooden box, box, leather box, tin box, acrylic box, glass box and so on, but the most common or cartons. The material of carton and white cardboard paper, leatherette paper, binding, art and so on. These gift packing box items also is varied, there are clothing, food, wine, tea, handicrafts, stationery, food and so on. How can you make your gift box stand out in a series of similar goods, by consumers, small make up think gift box design it is important to grasp the following several aspects. Water to dye the candle box color color is the primary factor in the influence consumer senses, at present there are 1114 species of pantone indicated on the pantone color. Commonly used in the gift box may also is a dozen. A high-end gift box usually according to the packaging of goods to choose color, the characteristics of each item, colour and lustre is different, gift box to choose color is not the same. According to the result of long-term market research, gray gift box sales have been poor, may be the sense that gives a person is too dark grey. But gold silver this a few color is universal. Honeycomb shape candle box shape modelling is another main factors to affect the sales of gift box. People tend to be attracted to modelling novel and chic gift box. Such as red wine packaging companies put wooden wine boxes designed as a bird's nest, some tea companies put the tea bag designed closet modelling, pizza hut has been introduced that turn into the projector pizza box & # 8230; … This kind of gift packing box, which people tend to pay for their own curiosity. Design is one of the key elements, but the design is often attached to the modelling, design choices according to the model. Technology is the decisive reason that creates gift box is extraordinary quality, now popular craftsmen, means they know by heart of a certain technology, at that. Process tend to choose according to gift box of the material. For paper gift box, a high-end gift box, may take four color printing, light membrane, concave-convex embossing, hot stamping and other processes. A gift packing box can cause consumer attention, for consumers in addition to the above factors, there are other reasons. Marketing of a long way to go, but if you really can do the above points, believe in the gift box won't stay too long in warehouse or on the shelf.
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