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Pink immediately out of date? It is said that red yellow blue three primary colors and popular - immediately packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Pink immediately out of date? Is said to be red, yellow, blue three primary colors and popular 2017 immediately, you may buy or planted a large pink sheet is tasted the prairie, from t-shirts, shirts, bags, shoes limited to season makeup, brand marketers not emptied our wallets shi don't give up, but the girl winds will continue to go down? Not long ago, London fashion trend forecasters WGSN manager Jane Monnington Boddy said: 'the blue will be popular in the future, red and yellow. The heat of the pink actually have begun to decrease. 'In April, Boddy and Seoul at st. Martin's graduation show show to see a lot of red, taking snapshots of red in frequency is high. She thinks that red is popular because 'it is a kind of can let the human connected' color, after all, no matter what a race, our blood are red. Emma Watson is wearing a yellow princess dress bright yellow also caught her eye. Consider this year Rihanna at the Met Ball gown, Beyonce yellow skirt in the new album, Emma Stone in the philharmonic, city of dancing in the yellow skirt, beauty and the beast in Emma Watson's yellow princess dress & # 8230; In the eyes of Boddy, yellow 'energy and vitality'. Blue fashion item and blue usually have multilayer interpretations. 'Blue as the color of the sky, give us a space, a kind of clear thinking and optimistic. 'Blue represents the same trust, which is why many Banks and technology firms use blue brand logo. 'A lot of companies want you to share the information to them, Twitter, Facebook, they will use a blue brand image,' said Boddy. In fact most of the time, more color and mood together, such as green, let a person feel peaceful, can heal the person's mood, purple is the color of many girls love, it's dreamy and romantic, let a person easy to indulge. As a professional custom box packing, we will refer to the color of the latest fashion trends, after all, our main products are clothing packaging, if you have related needs, also welcome advice!
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