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PAX Shared patent alliance, Google want to do! - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
PAX Shared patent alliance, Google want to do! Although we rarely have their own personal patent work, but for intelligent design and development company, a patent is the key to access their markets. Recently, Google has set up a Shared patent alliance called PAX. Just as its name implies is to say, alliance members can share their compatibility for android and Google application technology. Now well-known electronic brands samsung, HTC, cool, LG, BQ and Allview has joined the alliance. PAX Shared patent alliance before there's a lot of electronic brands patent using prosecuted because it is over, the last is not to take back the product to compensate the huge cost of patent infringement, more important is a very bad impact on brand image. But after joined the PAX Shared patent alliance, I don't have to worry about it will appear this kind of circumstance. Currently Google didn't say Shared patent organization there are many kinds of patents, but for electronic brand patent points involved only lies in the system and software. Brand dealers to join the group, want to share with other brand's patent, its own system and the software will develop into a compatible mode, so as to use more harmonious exchange, and each electronic brand manufacturers to come with a series of Google apps, the result is that Google for android system and the software of the control is more powerful. The idea of sharing organization can also be used on the packaging, sometimes we can not only consider packaging on the single product, also can undertake custom box, realize a box multi-purpose idea.
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