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Past 85 years, Zippo? Whether can consider to change the outer packing box - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Past 85 years, Zippo? Whether can consider to change the outer packing box in 1932, American George blaise generation established Zippo company, in the year to 85 year in the past. Zippo 85 years become the world's one of the most distinctive brand and product image. At present, Zippo has more than 1700 authorized retail stores in China. Zippo positive box in order to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the anniversary, Zippo has also brought some commemorative activities, in addition to the conventional model commemorative lighters, Zippo has launched based on the Zippo on WeChat Online Gallery. But have to mention is, Zippo's in this box could have good time, but didn't make much change, seems too too smooth. Zippo positive middle box packing box is Zippo logo, the logo is in memory of the 85th anniversary of the text, under both ends up and down is diagonal plaid elements, is on the back of some of the common specifications. Zippo packing box with the whole brand position are not match. Zippo as a professional gift box packing box customization enterprise, small make up in thought, Zippo except on WeChat Online Zippo Online Gallery, should consider change the Zippo box? By illustration of packing box and bag, for example, when appropriate to expand the propaganda, Zippo packaging can be more than once, after all the people were poking fun at the ugly out of the new height, also because of mediocrity and outer packing box rarely get exposure.
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