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Packing should be change still loyal to the regular change of the original - on a regular basis packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
Packing should be changed periodically still loyal to the original periodic change, as a professional bag factory, packing for each big enterprise custom for a long time, but in these ten years, also found that the packaging change problems is to consider a lot of enterprise is consistent, so the packing should be changed periodically or loyal to the original? Different brand for your packaging have different ideas, some of the brand, every year will change our packing, and some of the brand is consistent, so that they each have their advantages and disadvantages in both. Just to first talk about the change on a regular basis for the barrels in KFC, for instance, do you still remember the first to go buckets? To go buckets of KFC grandpa and simple only KFC, but over the years is almost never seen such packaging, has been launched all kinds of packaging, according to different festivals have been changed, you are also very happy to accept this change, enjoy every time don't like to go buckets, this is the benefits of change, every time buy have surprise. This lunar New Year according to the holiday, the hot issues of barrels, appear to be ground, also let a person more acceptable. But this set may be for KFC fast retailing enterprises, is indeed a good choice. Fast retailing industry things because of high frequency on brand awareness has a very high, so even if replacement of packing also can let people accept, but there are many brands are not suitable for, next we will talk about faithful to the original packaging, let you know the difference between original and change!
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