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Packing should be change still loyal to the original of the loyal to the original - on a regular basis packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
Packing should be changed periodically still loyal to the original loyal to share with you the original packing at the last of a KFC bucket periodically change packaging, also let everybody understand the advantages of changing the packaging, today we are going to say another case, at least now vw also very cognitive inertia thinking! High-grade silk scarves box of today's leading role is the hermes, hermes has always been the orange style, with simple logo, has become the public a simple understanding of hermes. Whether or not you use a hermes products, you will know there is an orange hermes is, have a carriage representing the hermes, that is why, hermes has been loyal to the original. Packing change is able to bring some surprises, but for high-end brands such as hermes, luxury brand, maybe the packing itself has become a part of its brand image, if changed will let people do not know how to accept, because the image change means: design, material, ideas are likely to change, it is difficult to accept for advocates of luxury goods. CK had faced the same situation before, and the face is not to change the packing of big movements, change is the Logo, Calvin Klein several English letters change will cause a lot of people. Packaging change, therefore, is a thing that is worth deliberate, consider your target market, they can accept this change, or is it like the change, if it is, then wrap your gains a level, let your handbag becomes more sophisticated, this time, the packing bag manufacturer may be a good choice!
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