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Packing elements also have routines - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
Packing elements also have some routines less routine is more sincere people advocate. But routines are everywhere, the poor we sincerely. Today I give everybody to summarize the packaging design elements of what are extracted. And the composition of packaging design pattern, about elements extracted routines are usually not exist independently, but often is combined of two to three routines. However, whatever the product packaging design elements, our purpose is to show, the promotion of our products, not just to look good, or different, product packaging for products and services, always against this, the other is meaningless. Think style original bag small hin routines elements are common: according to the brand essence refining related elements. Brand essence is the brand to consumers feel intuitively, such as literature and art, small and pure and fresh and restore ancient ways, masculine, fashion, serious and fun are brand essence. Some products of raw materials may not be specific physical, or do not have adornment sex, such as women supplies, chemical supplies, etc. , designers often need according to the brand image of refining design a primary visual graphics, and of course sometimes is because want to pursue less popular design and use this method. Huangshan maofeng tea tea boxes with refined design elements of origin of the product. Some place is famous for its rich in a product, product raw materials, whether this kind of product, raw material comes from these places is regarded as the basis of a product is high quality, pure. As: the best Chinese caterpillar fungus, from the Tibetan plateau, huoshan is included, yunnan is rich in jade, one of the most famous Swiss watch and so on. So when some brands of products, raw material has the advantages of origin, usually the country of origin as one of the main selling point of such products, has been designed on the box.
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