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Packing design case - three brands of electronic products packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
Three new brand electronic products packaging design case in deciding on the sales, product quality plays a very important role. However, product packaging is also considered important aspects, a packaged product can easily attract the attention of the customer. When decided to design excellent electronic product packaging design, now you can have several choices. When you find the best electronic product packaging design, should pay attention to color and fashion design. Can decide the two most important aspects of the overall packing appearance, and in what way to attract customers. When you are outside to buy some electronic products, may can not find too many unique products, but you will always have unique packaging. The fact is that in most cases, the customer before reaching the store shelves in tend to decide to buy the product. Here, they are used to view its keenly needed for electronic product packaging design. If packaging design unique and attractive, so they will not take the time to order the electronic products. Excellent electronic product packaging design also helps retailers and manufacturers to a great extent, improve the level of sales of its products. Electronic products packaging design is really a lot, the Lekki electronic packaging, AIAIAI electronic packaging and INQ Mobile electronic packaging is very popular in the market. Here is the electronic product packaging design example, for your reference: 1. Lekki Lekki electronic packaging is a French company, aims to transform the old mobile phone, the most representative in the 90 s to fight mobile trend of continuous improvement. The fall of 2010, MOTOROLA introduced the classic StarTAC flip phone, the famous actor Michael Douglas (90 s 迈克尔·道格拉斯) And others to make the phone became popular, then use the colorful light. By customizing these second-hand mobile phones, Lekki promote the concept of a 'return' ( Mobile phone + text) And by the last signature items back into service, is committed to sustainable development and recycling. 2. AIAIAI electronic packaging for AIAIAI spring/summer 2011 Tracks headset series. 'Tracks the headset is an award-winning over ear headphones, its exquisite design focused on basic lines and iconic shape as a whole. Simple support design can be easily adjusted, and ensure the comfort and fit tightly. Customizable slider to provide 3 different colors, 40 mm speaker offers better frequency distribution and lighter bass and high frequency of the detail of the full spectrum of sound quality. '3. INQ Mobile electronic packaging this beautifully illustrated box and many of us had seen before compared to normal cell phone packaging has changed a lot. For the purpose of packaging products. Usually, the role of mobile phone packaging is to protect the internal goods, rather than actively advertising, because often before consumers have yet to see the packaging has decided to buy a mobile phone. That make packaging interesting brand go further brand are those who understand brand experience continue beyond the point of sale of the brand. Through the three electronic brand packaging design case, remember that the product packaging is on the market marketing challenges, mainly in order to attract customers impulse buying, for product sales.
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