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Packing design case - new electronic products packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-16
New electronic product packaging design case, now on the market of electronic products, many of them are great, as some smart phone, computer, intelligent bracelet and so on, enrich the material life of people, the entertainment life. However, the electronic packaging design on the market more and more similar, only the packaging is different with other brands, we can highlight the products and brands. Here are some examples of electronic product packaging design. 1. Intelligent sealed packaging design intelligent sealed electronic product packaging design should pay attention to the structure of the solid. It should have good impact resistance and compressive resistance, and should not be susceptible to the destruction of the environment, thus effectively protect the product. At the same time, the packing design is concise and beautiful, graphic image is clear, surface printing exquisite workmanship, modern high-end texture, a variety of color scheme can deepen the impression of people, on the vision delivery products. Intuitive information. Its cost is strictly controlled, and easy to disassembly and assembly, as far as possible to reduce artificial, production and transportation costs. 2. Intelligent tablet packaging design intelligent plate appearance of packaging design is very simple. Surface of graphic design is concise and do not break charm, exquisite and surface treatment. It highlights the high-end of the products sense on the vision. The integral style of the product packaging is simple and technology, consistent with the product attributes, give a person a modern, simple, technology and business sense. It USES a reverse box design and reasonable inner carton design. It not only have the effect of stability and protection products, but also give full consideration to the cost factors, such as material, process, etc. Its strict control of electronic packaging manufacturing cost, thus make the whole product box easy disassembly and assembly, and convenient production, manufacturing and transport. 3. Children's smart watches the packaging design of children's intelligence watches packaging design should be extracted from the product form design elements, the overall use bright-coloured colour, and USES the lovely pattern design. Concise text, layout is neat and not lose vitality. Its shape the fun and meet the aesthetic psychology of children, also suitable for gifts to give away. At the same time, should give full consideration to the packing structure design and printing printing process stability and safety of the late. It has a strong structure, good impact resistance and compression set. It is easy to remove, carry, reveal, transportation, and can be reused to save the environment protection. Above share the most likely to encounter in our life electronic products packaging, the hope can give you the packaging design of product packaging can play a suggestion.
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