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Packing box leading environmental protection and innovation, facing the new situation packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
Facing the new situation in the box leading environmental protection and innovation of 2017 is said to be another trend is the commercialization of the packaging innovation. As more and more consumers pay attention to environmental protection and innovation, as more and more business from traditional retailers to the migration of electronic commerce, supply chain and packaging companies expect to see new packaging options. More and more enterprises have custom box, handbags customization demand, and they hope to create own brand concept corresponds to the packing. Original packing box 2017, doomed not to ordinary, this year we will see new packaging options and solutions, in order to improve this important and growing impetus, realize the standardization of packaging container, and convenient transportation, and simplify the delivery and implementation across brand packaging process. ” Along with the integrative approach of packaging design is becoming more and more relevant, by implementing the port to the correlation, we will begin to see more application of the integrated packaging design principles, ensure it will be in the initial stages of product development rather than just taken into consideration during the concept discussion. Products and packaging in many conceptual integration in recent years has been the industry hot topic of conversation. As regional targets become the global efforts, and innovative ideas as technological progress, the packing will be as a leader in the supply chain partners and, to continue the development evolution. With the new and more advanced and sustainable procurement and processing of materials, more industries will have the opportunity to bring clean label packing into the market. Thus, in the new packaging of carbon than the standard packaging was reduced by 17%. Experts said: the & # 8221; Renewable raw materials are those with time to renewable natural resources, increase the use of renewable raw materials, to improve the resources scarcity and has a pivotal role to slow climate change. The new environmental protection packaging materials is so far the only certified sterile paper. ” Follow the steps of the new era of innovation, through the original packaging, environmental protection and innovation of new continuously towards the world.
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