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Packing box integral collocation important - why so packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
Important about custom box packing box integral collocation why so integral collocation small xinyi has been wondering why the problem? Recent mood is very annoyed the other reasons: small hin has recently been rain, in a bad mood, small hin thunderstorm, reasonable collocation nice clothes. Gaudy kuo said I ugly! Guo said can't write original small hin. Small hin partial or not! Small hin said original by mood and inspiration, like writing songs or composer. With a wave of his hand, inspiration's packaging the rest of the world. Have been thinking a question for recently what to is divided into rational consumption and impulse buying. Know that we all know, small hin people compare sensibility that consumption also perceptual! Recent taobao live more fire, small hin fell in love with it. Du shirt boxes of sheba anchor, in that no zha drops of dresses, a dozen of lamplight, makeup look a change that's not a problem is a lot of beauty, good temperament beauty what to wear good-looking. Small hin couldn't help to buy buy buy. Here small hin very want to say, I have embraces the entire world can't tolerate you. BOSS cufflinks box while a certain extent, the gifts we pay more attention to the gift itself, but if you don't have elegant chic packaging foil, also can't reflect the value of gift, so the custom box of success is integral collocation. Want to become the focus of attention, high-end gift box should can spend more time in the design of structure, design, colour collocation, the overall deployment, do products and product packaging overall harmony.
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