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Packaging inventory common translucent paper material ( Below) - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-16
Packaging inventory common translucent paper material ( Below) Translucent paper is mainly used for clothing, toys, shoe factory, hardware, handicrafts, fruits, vegetables, paper flowers, toilet paper, kongmin light, wine and food factory, etc all kinds of packaging, hot bags, barrier, it is mainly used for food and other precious goods packaging and decoration, can also be used for printing and packing paper. We introduced the glossy paper and copy paper of the previous period, this period we will introduce vegetable parchment and imitation parchment paper. Vegetable parchment invitation vegetable parchment is composed of base paper obtained with sulfuric acid of translucent wrapping paper. Vegetable parchment quality of a material is solid, fine shape and translucent. Paper purity, high strength, can waterproof, moistureproof, prevent oil, sterilization and disinfection. Of oil and water seepage resistance is strong, poor permeability, deformation, fast, high temperature resistant, anti-aging, etc; For hand painted, with CAD/inkjet plotter, engineering electrostatic photocopying, laser printing, graphic printing design plate making, printing, gift packaging, album inside pages, offset printing, convex-concave, hot stamping, screen printing, pad printing, transfer printing rubber stamp, etc. Imitation parchment parchment paper also called glassine paper, its appearance, and some properties are very like parchment, sulfite wood pulp by beating long stick shape, height sizing, calender. With oil and water resistance, but in losing when exposed to water and wet strength and dimensional stability, it is mainly used for packaging need not be long hidden oil, dairy food and candy, cigarettes, drugs, etc. Packaging is a professional design and manufacturer of custom box, if you have any needs and questions, please feel free to contact us!
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