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Packaging industry, adhere to what - are you in packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
Packaging industry, what are you stick to small hin recently saw an article, deeply inspired. Custom box, packing box industry what are you insist! Tang's monk teacher and pupil four people through the wringer, finally get true through! Got back to datang, account for the four display splendidly. Asked tang's monk: what is your today's success depends on? Tang's monk replied, I is faith, as long as I die I can take to true through! Then ask the Monkey King, you rely on? Sun wukong say: I is ability and contacts! I can't I share. Then ask pig: are you ready to ShuaiBaZi, how can you succeed? Pig eight quit to say: I picked the right team all the way someone bring someone teach someone don't think success is difficult. Then ask the sand monk, you can also succeed so honest? The sand monk said: 'I is simple, obedient, do! Packaging & # 8212; The success of the factory of the four corner by choosing a like-minded partner, with their dreams to form a team, the final success. Small hin want to say, however, a person who is not important, important is he stood there, standing behind him is a group of what kind of person! Wang Yongheng scarves drawer box packaging industry, however, the current situation and you know, the arrival of the Internet + lead to traditional industry is so difficult, a lot of factories have closed. Yes, so hard to do what you are stick to packaging industry. Packaging focus on high-end packaging carton for 21 years, countless old customers both home and abroad. In other words, if you don't do who will service for them? Although now business is not good to do not make money, but even do tired again, will keep it up! As the market increasingly accumulation, when business is not profitable, from manufacturing, purchasing, merchandising, shipping, after-sale, including daily trivial chores, no holiday received a phone call to solve, no matter how late. The current situation, spell price, price market. Raw material price, the customer is not, the seller rose up, and suddenly the order you want to change, the customer will not pay for your obsolete material. Everyone said yo see quality, the good faith management, but profits before and how to adhere to. Packaging in difficult survival, progress in the rough. Sincere to face all this, the earnest to face each and every one around you.
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