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Packaging design needs to be practical, the building is also the same packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
Packaging design needs to be practical, architecture is the same as we analyzed 2017 before packaging packaging design in the direction of the need to let our packing box, bag, environmental protection bags are more practical to stand out more. Kindergarten always is the place that the children grow up, many designers like, it's the colors of the design, hope more color can let the children growing environment more interesting and more lively. Japan kumamoto Daiichi kindergarten designer day than wild billiton thinks, this kind of like a playground of the kindergarten, isn't it this way, he thought, 'the kindergarten is a place to grow. Daiichi kindergarten 'so have this open hall, becomes the design of the pool on a rainy day, let the children from playing more and more knowledge, this is the kindergarten should give children more things. And from the point of tonal go up, white walls, black frame, there is no the color of the decoration, but became the children's playground to grow, they can be happy here, also can acquire knowledge, which is the kindergarten should give their children, and he did it! All design is connectivity, like the kindergarten, contracted decorate a style like the packing of the atmosphere of integral style, can not, can not complicated, just need to make more efforts on packaging structure or function, also can let a person fall in love with such a package!
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