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Packaging - carton design should follow the three principles packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
Packaging carton design should follow the three design principles to see in the face of time, if you have a beautiful face is greatly reduces the social costs, sometimes even don't need you too active can attract the attention of others. Products are natural, too, have a good packaging design makes the products have an excellent outlook, even don't have to make the promoters to consumers this paper introduces the advantages of it and save the cost of transmission, improve the single rate. So, a good packaging design should follow the principle of which design? 1, the principle of structure design of folding carton packaging carton design joint should be adhesive on the back board, under special circumstances can be bonded on the back plate bonding with cardboard, unless as a last resort, upper don't glue plate in front of the former board may be related to glue on the cardboard, paper box cover plate should be link on the back board, ( Glue sealing except flap and window box cover) On the carton before general should be connected to the main floor board. So that when consumers face the carton packaging, observed the appearance of the defect caused by link or by opening the lid and bring forward the built-in objects for the inconvenience. 2, the overall design principle of packaging box design overall design should satisfy consumers when deciding to buy first observe the main packaging paper surface ( Including the main body design, trademark, brand, vendor name or the winning logo main sales side) Habit, or meet JingXiaoZhe in the window display, display shelves and promotional activities, let the main decoration face to face the habit of consumers in order to give the strongest visual impact. The overall design should satisfy the habit of most consumers with his right hand to open the lid. 3, decoration design principle of carton packing carton design main decorate should design in front of the carton board ( Tubular box) Or cover ( Disc box) The captions and secondary pattern design on the cardboard or rear panel. When packaging carton need vertical display, decoration face should consider the position of the cover plate and bottom plate, overall graphics to cover on the floor for the next ( In this situation is suitable for all kinds of bottle type of thing should not be inverted packaging) , with the top of the open position. When need levels show the carton packaging, decoration face consumer habits, with the right hand should be considered as a whole pattern to the left, the right end for the open position on the right side. A good packing carton structure must follow the above three design principles, or even box structure design of the skilful, and unqualified packaging structure design.
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