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Overview - rubber paste printing process packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Summary of mucilage printing process we know on the cloth bag commonly used with silk screen printing, printing process water is divided into mucilage printing and silk screen printing paste print. Mixing glue mucilage glue was born or after dissolved in appropriate solvent into colloidal solution. Rubber paste printing technology is the use of special chemical gel confused with dye highly seamless, dye through the gel medium influence. Strong adhesion on the fabric, have very good fastness. Can be printed on dark fabric light color words or patterns. Mucilage printing on polyester bag into the patterns of the mucilage cannot use four color printing method to print color pattern, can only monochrome printing, can only print one color at a time, if you want to print the second color must wait for the color of the front after drying. Rubber paste printing process is: first screen plate making, then blow mucilage printing ( 2 - 3) After baking, drying, 140 - 150℃,2- Three minutes) And finally press ( 140 - 150℃,10- 15 seconds) The whole process is completed. Mucilage printing pattern mucilage printing can produce a special kind of texture, ink layer thick, there is a film forming effect. Membrane layer of flexible, elastic and glossy, feel is good, reductive degree is high. And light resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance, yellow color, on the fabric is very stable. It can be in cotton, linen, viscose, polyester, polyamide, polypropylene and chlorofibre and other fiber blended fabric printing, also can be printed on the leather, natural leather and other materials. Is currently one of the most widely used technology, its printing process relative water slurry printing process more complex, the cost is also higher. At present many sports brand shoulders polyester draw string bag, rubber paste printing process design is made, interested friends may wish to refer to the next.
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