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- or beer packaging, it is such a topic packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
Or beer packaging, it is such a topic you may feel like a beer project weeks recently, is not really, just because of beer package is topic, do have to watch, not letter, you come to Chou Chou! Colorful beer packaging if no accident, the anglo-irish is: have you seen the most abundant beer packaging color. Yes, this kind of beer packaging color is very rich, but where these ideas come from? To say is this is the first craft breweries Commonwealth's Brewing Co. Creative institutions entrusted to be designed for packaging, and the rich colors of beer cans of its main sources of inspiration is for its taste analysis results! Head Jeramy Biggie said they hope the customer can see it from the cans, in order to achieve this effect, designers will be different oil, vinegar, and ink are mixed together, then use camera to capture the special texture produced when they are constantly fusion, look like they had just shaking like beer. After such a demand will make you feel these irregular color pattern gradually with the rules? Packaging design is an interesting of learning, and packaging customization, too, if you have a custom packaging requirements, packaging can help to you!
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