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Online shopping everyday chop hand you know express cushion packaging? - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
Online shopping everyday chop hand you know express cushion packaging? The electricity industry in the spring, the express industry also meets the golden opportunity of development, express box as an important carrier, electric merchants transportation level requirements in appearance, instead, the attention to function of transport protection items, put an end to express items in the case of damage during the transit. In this case, the Courier cushion packaging arises at the historic moment. Different from high-grade packaging box use grey board mounted coated paper, framed black cardboard, express with corrugated paper box. Black express Courier cushion packaging box design steps of (1) determine the environment: transport interval number, the mode of transportation, loading and unloading, equivalent drop height, direction of impact, climate conditions, storage conditions, etc. Mainly determine the shock and vibration frequency in the process of transportation. (2) analysis of the characteristics of the packaged product, such as fragility, shape, size, volume, weight, center of gravity, quantity, etc. (3) the choice of buffer material buffer material to provide protection for products, to fully analyze and understand the mechanical properties of buffer material, as well as machining process performance and price and so on. Choose the best quality at the same price the most appropriate buffer material. Common buffer materials include sponge, EPE ( Pearl cotton) , bubble film, gas column bag, as well as the air cushion bag and so on. (4) design and production of packing samples: in addition to a cushion, also consider packing structure, packaging materials and special shipping requirements, etc. , and packaging are the design and manufacture of the sample. Design and manufacture of the sample that can represent the final package, for test. (5) samples for packing test, test the feasibility. Brown express two typical way, cushion packaging box (1) filling type packing in the packing box, packing box put items around foam particles, later fill the void. Packing moulded familiar belongs to a kind of blister packaging, packaging die cut is put inside blister model. Products placed in the slots, easy transport. (3) wrapping package is wrapped with bubble bag, packaging items, reoccupy adhesive plaster, then into the delivery box, this is the one of the most safe and effective in several ways, such as food breakable commonly used packaging this way. In addition to the above several common cushion packaging, as well as local buffer foam packaging, packaging, etc. , the cushion packaging of products has played a very big protection, brand express box will also look for professional packaging customization enterprises design and production, if you have related demand, welcome to contact us.
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