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On a rainy day can also continue to boom - what to wear shoes packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
What shoes to wear on rainy days, however, came to the plum rainy season, still can continue to boom in those years miss of the heavy rain. At this time of year, the shoes are the biggest enemy is aggravating the rain, no matter how expensive shoes, has been the rains washed out after only a mess. But recently discovered small make up the fashion tide people seem to be secretly put on this pair of shoes. The popularity of outdoor recreational shoe brand has developed a KEEN just two nylon rope woven wading shoes, and named UNEEK. Its slogan is very attractive, it will be the most beautiful in your shoe ark amphibious combat boots - UNEEK。 UNEEK amphibious combat boots UNEEK technically, or appearance, are amphibious unprecedented in the shoes. From a distance, it is a simple two ropes and a sole, some would say this is the traditional straw sandals? Straw rope is to convert into nylon? But it has a very complicated weaving process behind this. Keen Uneek in the design, use of the superfine fiber, superfine fiber heel shoes bed and light PU midsole, coupled with Keen brand unique odor-proof bacteriostatic non-slip rubber soles, can provide joint foot feeling and more protection. UNEEK amphibious combat boots two simple super tough nylon rope, completed a complicated three-dimensional structure, provides the good permeability. In order to make it more good-looking appearance, convenient people daily wear, also under a lot of work on the color matching. Black, white, navy blue, army green, classic neutral colors, contracted and easy collocation, very suitable for concave shape. UNEEK after enter the water through the sole and upper crevice flow, weight will not be affected, and shoes remain light and comfortable. It is structure of polyurethane soles, far stronger than expected, many wearing UNEEK hiking miles can still offer enough support and protection. Comply with the principle of human anatomy UNEEK, put it on each person brings unique comfort. Packaging as a professional packaging customization enterprise, main apparel and clothing accessories packaging, if related needs, please feel free to contact us!
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