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Now what style bag leading - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
Now what style bag leading recently attended the gift show, in a modern society of a kind of schools of thought contend, hundreds of a state, the. Appeared a variety of new material qualitative, craft gift boxes, handbags. Which includes both relatively thick white cardboard, embossing paper and coated paper, matte copper paper, including kraft paper, kraft paper and offset paper toughness is dye-in-the-wood. Besides, nylon, linen material such as accessories have been using it, highlights the summer comfort and utility, and join the tie-dyed gradient color effect, while both futuristic and national wind, is a nifty and vigor of youth. New age people ask small hin, now what style bag leading! GANT garment bag another perspective that process is also very to force, as the printing technology and equipment modernization, handbags printing design is becoming more and more exquisite, delicate, and can according to customer demand, after the dumb film, light film, increase its toughness and resistance to water to make it more high-grade luster; Even more hot stamping, concave and convex, UV, die-cutting and other professional design. GUCCI top grade gift clothing silk scarves a moment to look at the mall gift box packing box and shopping bags, that's not a problem of material process all in there. Standard black and white, white background and black text contracted a big logo, a dumb film price bronzing, add personal tags, shelf in a department store counter, placing attractive gifts among them, the words and environmental points minutes into fashion. A private custom!
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