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Nordstrom to sell $425 off mud jeans - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
Nordstrom to sell $425 of false mud jeans consumers are more rational, and the brand stood on the high altar don't want to go down, so the brand will be repeatedly challenged! In April, Pepsi cola advertising crisis, clothing brand Zara for printing design is as the anti-defamation league, high-end fashion brands now Nordstrom to highlight its high-grade, unexpectedly sold $425 of the mud of the old jeans, this is no zuo no die rhythm! Nordstrom mud jeans for this pair of jeans sells for $425, netizens have expressed their discontent. Nordstrom said the copy of this jeans 'embodies the rugged tooling of the typical style, witnessed the hard work of people. Denim jacket stains 'can let you with all my heart into the rodeo or sloppy rock performance in shape. But let the net friends angry is the jeans imitate the modelling of manual workers, then to laborer can't afford the high prices, sold to those not engaged in the hard work of delicate niche, it is a great irony. Packaging is a professional handbag factory, professional custom all kinds of different material of the bag, on the way to strive for fashionable handbag more has been very hard, but for $Nordstrom425 mud jeans or sub-set of high-grade fashion.
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