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Non-grain food packaging - quickly seized on the environmental protection packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
Quickly seized on the environmental protection of non-grain food packaging BAP is a grain south Korean brand, grain brand is undoubtedly grain, closely related to life. Usually people shouldn't be too pay attention to the packing grain products, but the BAP meters packed in bags, equivalent to the environmental protection bags, designed the new idea, gave people a pleasant surprise. BAP packing bag is very common, but the packing of the BAP a highlight of artistic design lies in the 'm', and 'm' word into the animal's face, make originally the word more lively, also very cute. The bottom of the bag is two edges to the above, like animal's ear. This bag has three colors, different colors represent different kinds of m. BAP packaging the most special is the bag material is environmental protection can not only recycle, and the sense of environmental protection bags design is more than usual, looked better. Bag unfolds can hang up to do store content bag, used to store all sorts of little things. In addition, it can change the lunch bag, can be used to pack lunch boxes, really set the high level of appearance and utility at a suit. And as an environmental protection bag, it is environmentally friendly products. Also in environmental protection bag custom packaging, please feel free to contact us.
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