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Nike Air shoes look much, to see the Air box - today packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
Nike Air shoes look much, today to see the Air box recently 315 party will be on the forefront of Nike Air shoes, natural we calculate much said he, today this Air box, has nothing to do with Nike, just a very breathable, transparent - — Like air and pure shoe! This is our today's leading role - Air box — 空气马克斯皇家01。 By the Taiwan architects and engineers, Arthur Huang, and Jarvis Liu, founded in 2005, research and development (little wisdom Miniwiz) Is a focus on the design of the recycling company, Air Max Day this year in an open Air Max Royal 01 is designed by NikeLab and Huang, completely using recycled materials. In addition, they also to create a matching shoe, the use of plastic is also derived from waste processing. Perforation type surface is not only conducive to shoes, breathe freely, but also can make flexible transformation between the box in the bag and backpack. Air box also suggests, such a shoe box can also become a good backpack, on the way so not drab, really is a very practical products. Customize in shoe box, a lot of people simply defined as the box box, in fact, in today, box, bag, bag, can realize the transformation, a box of multi-purpose is practical box!
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