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New trend - liquor exquisite packaging, packaging packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
Liquor exquisite packaging, packaging the hand of the new trend in our shopping mall is very easy to find such a phenomenon: put most of the top in the shelves are beautiful packaging carton, and exquisite bottle of liquor, the shelves of the lower right is designing a simple light bottles of liquor. Liquor in a box, the price is in 100 yuan of above, more light wine prices much below 30 yuan, both difference is bigger. Liquor exquisite packaging seems to have become a mainstream. Monte earl XO wine gift box from positioning, light bottle of liquor low-end and mass market, whereas boxes of liquor for the high-end market. Packing box, in the liquor production process, holding what position? Although each wine packaging is different, but the price more than 150 yuan of liquor on the market generally use the manual packing box, the cost of this kind of packaging in more than 10 yuan more, not cheap. However, in fact, in the drink a bottle of drink, most people will lose the box or sell as scrap. Bottle design elegant, individual character is dye-in-the-wood, glass type, portrait, animals, etc. ; Packaging material category is rich, have a metal, glass, ceramic, crystal, composite materials, etc. ; Wine box is also rising volume, gold inlaid jade, finely crafted. The above, all show the wine companies greatly diligently in packaging sculpt. After all, from the perspective of a traditional consumption habits and consumers for its appearance more seriously, the fine wine bottle with good box can bring the & # 8217; Eye & # 8217; , for consumers to purchase desire. Full of beautiful wine ever popular red wooden box, hardcover gift box disappeared, design style also should allow bright red, big green and 'local tyrants gold' color, more pure and fresh and the weak yellow, shallow green tonal give priority to with fashion. On the packaging materials, the enterprise more from expensive metals, high density board to the kraft paper, special paper, such as material, and the wood material such as paper material into wood texture, become the numerous packaging enterprise popular situation. Different products require different forms of packaging, but delicate, environmental protection, custom box full of design feeling is easier to get the favour of consumer. This often can potentially improve product sales performance. Packaging, lead the new trend of the packing. Choose us, is a step in the right direction!
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