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New ingredients, the new logo, new packaging of incoming - nestle drink packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
New ingredients, the new logo, new packaging of nestle beverage to nestle announced revised its nestle tea, will take the lead in the United States launched this month have new ingredients, the new logo and new packaging fruit tea and the original leaf tea. Nestle tea new packing this is nestle's new new packaging tea, convenient in design specially added the design of the hand, with nestle beverage packaging before did high-end atmosphere. Nestle ice tea to see this kind of nestle ice tea, does recall? By comparison, both now in packaging design, the model of really good-looking. And NSETEA logo is better than the original text appears more simple fashion. And apart from packing, nestle also enough kung fu under the formula above. Must have drunk nestle ice tea fellows must know that the drink is how sweet, how many will be bored with. And the nestle not high fructose syrup content in tea and eliminate the artificial pigment and essence, and the original leaf tea is to streamline the ingredients, contains only four ingredients: water, sugar, tea, and citric acid, tea famous tea producing areas from India nicky in the mountains. Nestle beverage regression, from the inside, upgrading of ingredients is able to satisfy the requirement of the now popular for soft drinks taste; From the external said, fashion and practical design also is very lovable. Packaging as a professional bag manufacturer, or to say, such as nestle, ready to return to the market, can have a good future!
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