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New garment bag option - autumn packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
Fall on the new garment bag option with a breeze breeze, will say goodbye for the summer and autumn to celebrate the harvest. Various industries have recently in busy ready to fall on the new issues. Seasonal clothing industry is particularly prominent. Different season clothing products, want to choose a different product packaging, so everyday is the most common clothing bag in the fall to a new and how to choose? We must first understand the purpose of the bag, at present most domestic application should belong to the clothing, food, gifts, medicine, etc. Series of product packaging. Can not only provide convenient shopping experience for shoppers, but also the chance to sell the product or brand. Designer handbags are often can make a person fondle admiringly, even if the bag printed with eye-catching logos or advertising, users also can use, is currently the best corporate image promotion channels. Today, the packing will introduce you to fall to a new, clothing bag. 1 in the first place. The material aspects according to its product positioning. Garment bag application at present most material and the following: the black paper, white cardboard, kraft paper, coated paper, art paper & # 8230; Because of the garment weight will not be too high, so in the aspect of bearing, most will choose regular moderate gram. Its toughness is strong in kraft paper, use environmental protection, the price is low, at present a lot of people sales clothing company will use paper bags, mechanism of pure bag machine production, minimum quantity of 20000 or more commonly, the fee is more expensive, at present USES the mechanism of bag a lot, such as sea rings home, metersbonwe, uniqlo, semir etc. & # 8230; This kind of enterprise sales is bigger, with this kind of mechanism of kraft paper bag is more appropriate. Kraft paper, clothing bag is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises fall clothing bags in the paper, paper is divided into a lot of kinds, is currently the most commonly used white cardboard, white cardboard printing color is very good, full-bodied through white. According to the material orientation, choose different gram weight. Most black paper used for commercial packaging, box body more solemn, full-bodied through black, plus some special process, the black card clothing bag is also very high. Black card clothing bag coated paper color expressive force is strong, therefore, the design of the handbag styles can also be unique. And as for the printing process, all of the modern printing process can be displayed on a small bag, most application more care about quality clothing company. Coated paper clothing bag, of course, there are focus on quality of bag will use art paper, art paper because of its craft is different, the stiffness of the material itself has a unique texture and, most used in high-grade packaging. Art paper clothing bag above is a new - some for autumn Clothing bag material selection; Summarized, combined with the product positioning, high sales, profits mainly deals in clothing enterprises to adopt the mechanism of kraft paper bag is more suitable. Small and medium-sized enterprises, sales of moderate, pay attention to the early promotion brand, can use a paper bag. Pay attention to quality and color of clothing enterprises can choose coated paper bag. For the image of the packaging is very care about, to the requirement of high quality, art paper is more suitable. Of course material is only part of the bag, printing, structure, design, production process of the above are different, different paper material also can appear very high-end.
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