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Most of Japan's gift box with a stiff paper twine bundle - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
Most of Japan's gift box with a stiff paper twine tied up in China, our gift box section generally make a butterfly with ribbon ribbon wound, and in our neighboring countries, gift box were hard twine bundle tie. Gift box packaging Japan this hard twisting generally is a group of five root, also have 7, 9 root. Why must use an odd number? Originally in Japan, is an odd number of Yang number, symbol of good fortune as one wishes, even is negative number, symbol of dangerous and bad luck. Therefore, gift box hard twine with a set of singular, this with our China use even number is just the opposite, if use dual hard twine decorative gift boxes in Japan is also a big taboo. Japan's gift box this hard twine generally divided into two categories: red white and black and white. Red and white said auspiciousness, black and white and said evil things. Muromachi shogunate, Japan, and China's trade is high, the goods imported from China boxes were tied with red and white rope. This was originally in China export commodity mark, but at that time the Japanese thought that is the symbol of geely is festival, henceforth on behalf of the festive gift box are decorated with red and white hard twine bundle, rather than a festival gift to black and white and dichromatic hard twine. Japan gift box if wrong this custom in Japan, more than seems laughable, it was thought that will not respect their culture. Japan is a real gift powers, not only in special seasonal occasions, is in the usual life, visit friends may also gifts, gifts are not necessarily expensive gift, but is delicate and dainty, contains a simple life aesthetics. Gift box are also carefully with a hard twine bandage, and they think it is the sacred moment of daily life. Their gift box not as unique and luxury packaging customization, far look may also revealed a plain taste, but because it contains human kindness and let a person feel care and warm.
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