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Morandi senior food packaging accomplish - color packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
Morandi department senior accomplish on food packaging is well known, the many food brands are emphasis on the natural organic plant ingredients, such as RMK, THREE, etc. Small make up today is to introduce you to the other a Japanese Naturaglace natural organic food brand packaging. This year marks the Naturaglace 10 anniversary of the founding of the company, in order to celebrate this special day, Naturaglace invited a well-known design studio nendo for brand to redesign the food boxes, let's look at the morandi hue food packaging. Naturaglace brand new food packaging Nendo design team did not radical redesign, but starting from the concept of brand, around the 'natural' this concept, the raw materials used by the products as inspiration, selected 11 kinds of color, these color are almost 'morandi' color, morandi department senior feeling to the person, gentle and quiet, both in the field of fashion and packaging, is a popular color in these two years. Just to take the form of the brush is presented in white on food packaging, through the match colors to distinguish the different products. Room with light color morandi in case presents the effects of natural and elegant. Naturaglace box foundation have qualitative feeling more is grey powdery bottom and eye shadow boxes, the boxes background using the classic gray, gray, give a person infinite imaginary space to the left of the have a slight depression, like holding exhibitions, moral makeup also like to paint on the face, a pen a pen, draw the outline of justice to the beauty of man. Ordinary food packaging design idea is from food, basic is consistent color and product packaging bag, but the logo design decorative pattern on the text box is showing a different effect. Some company will invite famous custom box design, so that made packing box, bag on quality assurance, not only the appearance level is to let you'll never forget. If you have related demand, welcome to contact packaging oh.
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