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Moon cake box commonly used in supporting material - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
Supporting materials in the moon cake box commonly used in the moon cake packaging is one of our most familiar gift box, a good moon cake packaging is not just a good atmosphere for appearance, the inside of the lining material also nots allow to ignore. In today's popular green packaging, more and more manufacturers have abandoned the green packaging, moon cake box lined with all choose environmental protection material. Today small hin will give you the moon cake is popular science box commonly used in the material. Cardboard box in the topkapi paper in both white card and all kinds of colored paper, they are all making outer-package of one of the most commonly used raw materials, they are a strong wear resistance, high hardness, green environmental protection, loading and unloading of convenient, reusable, is also lined with one of the commonly used materials. In the paper, deserve to go up card slot to dig mouth, can effectively protect the moon cakes, from the shock in the process of transportation. Packaging blister support within the blister support in addition to the widely used in paper, inside the blister now is also within the moon cake packing box is often used in the production process of inside. Inside the blister, also called plastic tray, using the blister technology is a kind of fluted plastic plate made of plastics, the product is placed in the slots. Both to protect and beautify the products. Within the current blister is generally need to open mold production. Except, of course, want to consider environmental factors, no matter you choose the material, all need to conform to the product positioning and target consumers expectations. Packaging as a professional manufacturer of packaging customization, all from the perspective of customers, to provide one-stop services such as design and production, if you have any need, welcome to call our hotline.
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