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Mature 3 d printing may be able to bring about change - packaging industry packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
Mature 3 d printing technology may bring about the changes to the packaging industry, 3 d print in this two years to a stunt was discussed using the status, and today the packing to bring a household design brand products, because of the 3 d printing, they can bring a new product every two weeks! Steel boxes in the figure above is the household design brand through 3 d printing technology to launch a steel qualitative receive a case, in fact, at first glance with packing box actually somewhat. And through the 3 d design team do not need to find factories, step by step, don't need to modify the design draft, through their own a printer can finish a product design and manufacturing work! So, as a member of the packaging industry, packaging want to say, if 3 d printing technology more mature, whether packaging industry will have greater change? Think of a factory that is running a large printing machine will become the history of the dust? Each new product outer packing from design to manufacturing, we only need to move on the computer design draft, and then find the raw materials can directly make a perfect packaging products? Although the current 3 d printing hasn't arrived yet so mature, as a professional packaging bag manufacturers continue to use our printer, but we still believe that technology is the need to progress, and 3 d printing is probably we will face a change point! ! ! !
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