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Master of the queen's afternoon tea series of biscuits more elegant nobility - new packaging packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
Master of the queen's afternoon tea series of biscuits new packaging more elegant noble if Tiffany blue is a symbol of the American spirit of clear detachment, and Fortnum& Mason's blue is a symbol of the elegant luxury of Britain for hundreds of years. fortnum Mason is a household name in Britain, for hundreds of years has been the favour of the British royal family, is the afternoon tea brand royalty. If you walk into the Fortnum& Piccadilly series cookies new packing; Mason shop, it is easy to find everywhere in the store to use pure and fresh and elegant blue, store decoration and packing of the products. fortnum Mason is one of the star products of Piccadilly series of biscuits, the F& M brought in London local independent brand Design organization Design Bridge? To Piccadilly cookies design new packing series, the series of biscuit six flavors, macadamia nuts, tender ginger, salted caramel, chocolate beans, and paragraphs lemon cheese and fruit nut pancakes, it is said that the designer is inspired by Fortnum & amp; Mason in-store exquisite ceramic tableware. Piccadilly series cookies new packing Design of Bridge approach is based on six cookies, carefully distinguish between fruit, ginger, lemon and other raw materials such as Hawaii's shape, pattern and color, in the form of hand-painted Design will be one of the display, with strong visual impact of color. Piccadilly series biscuit the mass-tone attune of the new packaging still choose the classic Fortnum& Mason is blue, and in-store Fortnum & amp; Mason to provide the color photograph echo of afternoon tea utensils. The noble, elegant and moving, meaningful this is F& M, this is the queen's favourite royal brand, store every kind of product packaging, contains the designers' originality, if you want to design for your product's top luxury packaging, may wish to contact our packaging, understanding of gift box customized information, believe that must be won't let you down!
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